Road to Citizenship

We need a workable system that encourages people to get on the road to citizenship. High fees and penalties will threaten any immigration reform effort.

  • We should remove unnecessary, arbitrary, capricious, and unfair roadblocks on the road to citizenship.
  • Citizenship should not be auctioned off to the highest bidder. That is not what America is all about.
  • A crime is not suddenly worse if it is committed by an immigrant. The definition of what is “aggravated” or “serious” needs to be fixed so it is consistent with the American justice system.
  • Immigrants deserve fair process and proper court appeal reviews for determining eligibility for citizenship with a court review for denials.
  • Ensure that fees are reasonable so that any eligible and hard-working immigrant can pursue citizenship.
  • Workers should be protected if they speak out against exploitation or abuse. If these immigrant workers are not protected, the bad actors will never be punished and the system will never improve.

Did you know?

  • The filing fees to apply for a green card are currently $595 – which is more than someone earning minimum wage makes in two weeks. Representation from attorneys, who are needed to successfully navigate the complex application process, range in the thousands of dollars.
  • Immigrants who currently speak up against labor abuses by employers are often deported without any follow up on their original labor complaint.
  • There are thousands of children in state- and locally-funded foster systems displaced by the deportation of their primary caretakers. Parents lose the ability to place their own children with relatives when they are placed in deportation proceedings.