Immigrant Workers’ Rights

Immigrant workers, like all workers, should be able to stand up for fair treatment without fear of being separated from their families. Immigration reform efforts should make protecting those rights a priority, regardless of any worker’s immigration status.

Exploiting immigrant labor is bad for business, bad for workers, bad for consumers and bad for the free market.

Immigrant Worker's Rights - Image courtesy
Immigrant Worker’s Rights – Image courtesy

Workers who are abused by employers should feel free to report those violations of law without fear of being deported. Federal immigration enforcement should not interfere with investigations into violations of labor laws.

We do not support the use of biometric data, which will lead to privacy and civil liberty violations.

We have deep concerns about mandatory use of electronic employment eligibility verification systems like E-Verify.

Did you know?

E-Verify will affect every working American in the country – regardless of immigration status. This will cause more than one million citizens and work authorized immigrants to contact a government agency or lose their jobs.