Due Process

It’s time to restore common sense to our immigration laws, fairness to our detention system, and discretion to removal procedures.

End the indefinite and arbitrary detention of immigrants. It’s not fair and it’s not right.

Ban racial profiling by federal, state and local police and law enforcement agencies.

Ban Racial Profiling - Image Courtesy of wikimedia.org
Ban Racial Profiling – Image Courtesy of wikimedia.org

End the Department of Homeland Security detention quota system: Rounding up immigrants just to fill beds is a waste of taxpayer resources.
Judges should have the ability to weigh all of the circumstances of a case – seriousness, age, and time served – before making a judgment. Don’t tie the hands of justice.

Immigrants should have a fair day in court, and access to appointed counsel, to make their case.

Did You Know?

Immigrants – both with and without papers – can currently be held indefinitely without seeing a judge and without a right to legal representation.

The Department of Homeland Security has a 34,000 bed quota to jail immigrants each night. This quota comes with a price tag of $2 billion each year, and taxpayers foot the bill. Many of these detainees are mothers, fathers, minors, and victims of abuse who have done nothing wrong but pursue the American dream.

Thousands of fast-track deportations and expedited removal orders are given each day to long-term immigrants – giving them no recourse to appeal, even when they have a path to citizenship available to them.