White House Announces Plans to Expand Immigration Detention Centers for Families with Children

CONTACT: Rachel Nusbaum, ACLU National, 202-417-7547dcmedia@aclu.org

CAMBIO member organization ACLU released the following statement in response to the White House plan to expand detention of immigrant families:

WASHINGTON— The Obama administration said today, it will open new detention facilities to house immigrant families crossing the border illegally, amid a surge from Central America. The administration said it also plans to surge government enforcement resources to increase their capacity to detain individuals who bring their children with them as quickly and efficiently as possible while also protecting those who are seeking asylum.

ACLU Legislative Counsel Joanne Lin had this comment:

“The answer to the humanitarian and refugee crisis at our southern border should not be to detain families with children. Many of these families have fled crime and violence in Central America, and have suffered trauma during their treacherous journeys to the U.S. in search of legal protection. Human rights require that detention be the last resort, not the first. Families should be moved out of detention as soon as possible and be released under humane and reasonable supervision, including community-based alternatives to detention which have proven to be cost-effective and efficient.”​

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